Based on a true operational experience, CPO Plus is a senior Procurement and CSR consultancy service devoted to fostering Value Chain along with deeply focusing on Customer’ Satisfaction, Sustainable Growth and Development.

CPO Plus expertise stems from 20 years of of high-level experience in strategic and operational roles, in very globalized and competitive market environments, among the most recognized companies in their field of business.

Beyond all, CPO Plus puts the HUMAN at the center of your Project as per its CSR engagement.

CPO Plus promotes CSR through the platform CAP RSE.

CPO Plus is certified by AFNOR for CSR assessment as per ISO26000 standard.

CPO Plus is accredited by the Mediation des Entreprises / CNA for auditing organizations to obtain the RFAR label (Sustainable Procurement) in partnership with Bureau Veritas Certification

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Assess maturity and challenge CSR commitment as per ISO26000 standard

Develop a CSR strategy and governance

Define a roadmap and actions plan, communicate and engage stakeholders

Timeshare CSR Director


Create and structure a Procurement function

Support and professionalize a Procurement organization for greater performance

Implement a Sustainable Procurement approach to meet a CSR commitment

Timeshare Procurement Director

FINANCING: the French State can subsidize a Human Ressources Consulting Service (PCRH) carried out by an external service provider relating to companies with fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 million. Taking into account the challenges related to skills needs and related to the ecological and digital transition, attention is now paid to HR projects aimed in particular at implementing a CSR approach. The amount covered by the French State is capped at 50% of eligible costs excluding tax, up to a limit of €15,000, for individual support. For further information, please refer to the hereafter official notice.


CPO Plus rests on many years of experience in some of the most advanced organizations in their business fied in an international environment, offering a range of targeted trainings on key processes and methods as well as the associated skills and initiatives.

CPO Plus is certified CCE (certificate of competence in company training) and has contracted with Baya Consulting, Qualiopi certified.

CPO Plus training program is purposely flexible to meet client’s expectations. On request, we can adjust those training courses either on duration or content.



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“Because I intend to support effectively my client, I am collaborating with a wage portage firm, Baya Consulting, Qualiopi certified”