Training course – Sustainable Procurement


 1 day (REF-CPO-FRSEHA-2022)


Public classroom: 650€ per participant (including material course, coffee breaks and lunch)
Private classroom: 2000€ (for group up to 12 participants)


ENGAGEMENT: consolidate pride of people of belonging to an organization clearly committed to societal issues
BUSINESS GROWTH : develop responsible business and sustainable procurement as a viable source of growth
TEAM BUILDING : develop cross-functional team work and spirit in a project mode
PERFORMANCE : deploy the processes and tools necessary to meet the compliance requirements
COMMUNICATION : promote effectively Sustainable Procurement projects and achievements within the organization


Raising awareness at CSR and understand Sustainable Procurement approach
Raising awareness of environmental and social impact, ethical practices in business
Identify the impacts in terms of purchasing policy and supplier management
Engage in long-term actions with the main partners and key stakeholders

Part 1 – Raising awareness

The pillars and objectives of CSR
📝Historical reminders, key principles, why it matters
📝Regulations, laws, treaties
📝ISO26000 standard / Labels / ESG versus CSR / GRI
Value creation through CSR
📝Risk management
📝Cost optimization
📝Public health/well-being
Introduction to Sustainable Procurement
📝Sustainable Development and Procurement
📝Green supply chain / GHG protocol / SCOPE
📝Code of ethics and supplier relationship management
📝Inclusive procurement
📝ISO 20400 / risk management / key practices
Evaluate your Sustainable Procurement practices
📝Methodological approach
📝Product life cycle
📝Optimized TCO
📝RFAR label

Part 2 – Practical rollout

Workshops / Breakout sessions
📝Identify initiatives related to sustainable procurement, categorize them and assess the impact
📝How to engage employees and suppliers in a responsible purchasing process
📝Define the internal/external communication needed to promote sustainable procurement
📝Establish internal/external performance indicators

Profile of participants (recommended)

Professional buyers or individuals intending to develop Procurement in their organization