Training course – International management

Managing globally: animation of an international team in a multicultural environment


 2 days (REF-CPO-FMI-2021)


Public classroom: 1600€ per participant (800€/participant/day)
Private classroom: 4000€ (2000€/day for group up to 12 participants)


TEAM BUILDING: thrive the cohesion of an international team and strengthen its commitment
PERFORMANCE: establish common objectives globally and locally on measurable and shared bases
RECOGNITION: spur exchanges with the organization and their visibility in creating value


In a highly globalized context, often from different countries, multi-cultural teams work more and more in interactions within the same entity or function with the common objective of achieving optimum cohesion and performance. Understanding how to create the right synergies within these teams to achieve this common objective is therefore a crucial issue with the need to understand the differences and make the best for the team and the organization:
Identify the key success factors of international management
Deploy a vision and ways of working shared with the teams
Ensure consistency of work within a multi-cultural team
Facilitate synergies between the teams and the different actors of the organization
Establish effective communication within and outside the same entity

Day 1 – Key principles and environmental analysis

  • Prerequisites for Team management and organization development
  • Multicultural profiles and behavioral mediators
  • Understand main influential parameters of an international organization and its development factors

Day 2 – Manage, Understand and Monitor internationally

  • The key factors and practices for effective team management, the fundamentals of Human Capital
  • Behavioral maturity and skills ecosystem: acquired, innate and rules
  • Talent management and development of multicultural teams: multi-active, uni-active, reactive
  • Management tools: DISC, Flight Plan, KPIs / Scorecard, reviews and sharepoints

Profile of participants (recommended)

Individual managing international teams, about or willing to do so