Training course – CSR

Raising awareness at Corporate Social Responsibilities


 1 day (REF-CPO-TCSR-2022)


Public classroom: 800€ per participant
Private classroom: 2000€ (for group up to 12 participants)


ENGAGEMENT: consolidate pride of people of belonging to an organization clearly committed to societal issues
LEGACY: strengthen the brand image and promote sustainable development projects
BUSINESS GROWTH : develop responsible business and sustainable procurement as a viable source of growth


Raise awareness of the main stakeholders on CSR
Identify areas for improvement and progress on CSR
Involve the right talents in the deployment and monitoring of a CSR policy
Define a roadmap, indicators and governance
Establish an ad hoc CSR structure to meet the expectations of the organization
Identify the impacts in terms of procurement policy and on the supplier selection process
Communicate on and promote a CSR policy

Part 1 – Fundamentals in CSR

CSR objectives
Historical reminders, key principles, why it matters
Legal references: regulations, laws, treaties
The pillars of CSR
Key principles / CSR roadmap / materiality matrix
ISO 26000 standard / Labels / ESG and GRI
Value creation through CSR
Risk management, cost optimization, growth, public health
Sustainable Procurement
Key principles / ISO 20400 standard / best practices
Supplier Ethics Charter / CSR Performance / Inclusive Purchasing

Part 2 – CSR rollout

Workshops / Breakout sessions
Identify and evaluate initiatives related to CSR
How to engage employees in a CSR approach
Identify possible actions in a partnership approach
Define the internal/external communication needed to promote sustainable purchasing
Establish internal/external performance indicators

Profile of participants (recommended)

Developing an awareness in CSR / initiating a CSR policy in their organization

CPO Plus – Programme de formation – Sensibilisation RSE – janvier 2022

CPO Plus – Training Program – Raising awareness at CSR – January 2022