A need for skills but not enough to require a full time job, access expertise with a high level of specialization, build the skills of the teams in place, deploy good procurement practices in a sustainable manner.

What CPO Plus offer:

  • Offer flexibility and agility thanks to the experience of different business environments
  • Access to strong value by bringing many experiences
  • A proven level of commitment to meet customer satisfaction
  • Offer a wide spectrum of actions
  • Build the skills of the teams in place
  • Deploy good practices in a sustainable manner

Added-value for Customers:

  • Greater confidence level in the management and monitoring of Procurement
  • Management of suppliers and contracts improved
  • Optimization of profitability and cash flow
  • Securing your Supply Chain
  • Establishing a Sustainable Procurement approach
  • Improving investment capacity
  • Consolidation of your competitiveness
  • Enhancing credibility with investors and banks