Because leading a function and managing people are complex, CPO Plus intends to help and share with CEO, CPO and any Procurement executives some best practices well-established along with tailor-making solutions appropriate with their environment.

ADDED-VALUE for the Client

RECOGNITION: the credibility of Procurement improved

EFFICIENCY: cross-functional teamwork and spirit in a project mode established

PRODUCTIVITY: effective Procurement practices deployed across the board

Where CPO Plus can help:

Strategy: to shape a vision for Procurement, to define its key missions and to establish a strategy adhering to the main Company guidelines

Performance: to set up and roll out a minimum bunch of required processes and tools to meet internal compliance and external regulations

Communication: to thoroughly calibrate and to effectively promote Procurement performance achievements and project management accross the organization as per Company strategy and Top Management expectations

Team building: to give a vision along with elaborating a flight plan, to establish a relationships with Procurement teammates based on trust and truth, to identify the essential actions for the job

Key words: vision, procurement strategy, strategic sourcing, performance analysis, procurement systems, spend data management, supplier management, stakeholder management, leadership practices, knowledge accessibility, workforce optimization