PROCUREMENT organization is highly driven and influenced by several factors stemmed from Company’s values, mission, structure, way of working, habits (good or bad). Consequently, promoting and developing PROCUREMENT function within an organization strongly depends on the maturity level of your company as well as the business field and the culture.

Source: A.J.Van Weele – Procurement maturity

ADDED-VALUE for the Client

COMMITMENT: the Procurement function engaged in the Company’s strategy

PERFORMANCE: the ad-hoc Procurement organization established to generate long-term value

PRODUCTIVITY: effective Procurement practices deployed

EFFICIENCY: work consistency ensured within the Procurement organization and across the board in a project mode

RECOGNITION: the credibility of Procurement improved

Where CPO Plus can help:

Auditing: a holistic and adaptative approach to determine what might be relevant and worked out for establishing an effective Procurement function delivering the expected value. A thorough and analytical insight while pinpointing on key success factors.

Support: “starting from scrash” flight plan or establishing an appropriate actions plan to develop the emerging or running Procurement function over time for quick and sustainable performance achievements.

Strategy: to shape a vision for Procurement, to define its key missions and to establish a strategy adhering to the main Company guidelines

Team building: to give a vision along with elaborating a flight plan, to establish a relationships with Procurement teammates based on trust and truth, to identify the essential actions for the job

Performance: to set up and roll out a minimum bunch of required processes and tools to meet internal compliance and external regulations

Communication: to thoroughly calibrate and to effectively promote Procurement performance achievements and project management accross the organization as per Company strategy and Top Management expectations

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