Sustainable development holds an increasingly prominent place in the strategic orientations of many organizations which, in fact, need to develop an ad hoc CSR policy and transpose it into the field of their activities.

Definition: CSR is no longer just a way of limiting risks or improving its growth and / or profitability, but it is part of a real awareness and commitment on subjects relating to the environment, human capital, ethics or sustainable procurement.

ADDED-VALUE for the Client

ENGAGEMENT: pride of employees consolidated of belonging to an organization clearly committed to environmental, social and ethical issues

LEGACY: the brand image strengthened and sustainable development projects promoted

BUSINESS GROWTH : responsible business development and sustainable procurement committed as a viable source of growth

Where CPO Plus can help:

Identify areas for improving and developing CSR

Involve relevant people in the deployment and monitoring of a CSR policy

Define a roadmap, key indicators and governance

Establish an ad hoc CSR structure to meet the expectations of the organization

Evaluate the impacts on the Purchasing policy and the supplier selection process

Communicate and promote a CSR policy

Key words : sustainability, value creation, risk management, cost optimization, business growth, public health, environment, human capital, ethics, responsible purchasing, sustainable development, diagnosis, materiality, product life cycle