COVID-19 post-crisis: how to sustain business thanks to Procurement by Vincent Gilli

In this new article, I will report on the contribution of Procurement in an economic recovery that sounds to be, let’s say, particularly fierce. Now, many macroeconomic aspects nevertheless moderate (a little bit) the spread of the “disaster” compared to 2008. The level of involvement of Procurement will indeed have to be adjusted to market conditions and company strategy to deal with this crisis.

Voice of Customers – Webinar with Salesforce

Many thanks to Emmanuel Lebot of Salesforce, World Leader in CRM tool focused on innovation, and his French Sales Teams for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share with them on the expectations of Procurement decision-makers and what to do (and not to do) vis-à-vis these essential interlocutors.

Procurement and Recognition

Pretty old highlight (2007) but still true statement if we stare at the today ‘situation in some organisations. Recognition is a long journey and will be moving on if Procurement folks invest the relevant time to embrace deep company business drivers and are led in a savvy manner. As mentioned in this article, “An interrelated difficulty occurs when purchasers’ activities are misaligned with company strategy”.

Collaborating with Finance

As Procurement fellow, another hint about collaborating closely with Finance and ensuring a true and measurable record of purchasing achievements. P&L analysis will give a great insight in where Procurement can contribute financially speaking among other things. It’s particularly relevant in very competitive environment but also to be part of the gate-keeping area in terms of spend management. Before all, we are all accountable for the money of the company.