COVID-19 post-crisis: lessons-learnt for Procurement by Vincent Gilli

For this first article, I will not deal with crisis management but the necessity to think already about what next. Indeed, “managing effectively is all about foreseeing”, even if we can regret (again) that risk management is not a priority yet for many activities: that’s well-known, a crisis only matters for others and, of course, Chernobyl disaster radioactive cloud stopped straight at the Franco-German border…

COVID-19: Supply Chain contingency plan

Very valuable and informative insight from Lora Cecere about rethinking and reshaping your supply chain management during this COVID-19 pandemic crisis. With two very concrete actions (also initiated during Fukushima crisis by Automotive sector): establish a war room to monitor availability of supplies and potential burdens while interacting purposefully with suppliers (tier 1,2,3…) AND work immediately on your Supply chain design.