Ethics: the backbone of CSR by Vincent Gilli

Amongst the key pillars of CSR, we have Ethics and this is usually and poorly highlighted when evoking the contribution of CSR within business environment. But this is surely the most important driver in CSR as it will thrive and influence all relevant practices from environmental, social and sustainable procurement standpoint. Indeed, the ethical piece intends to set the basis and the appropriate manner on how to approach and consolidate a very structuring initiative like CSR.

Compliance in Procurement

Integrity is key in the field of Procurement and we have to strive to ensure the proper level of compliance. Now, how to track and monitor the effective rollout of rules and processes. This link will show you up a first glance at and tip. As explained in this article “Compliance checklists reflect good practice in procurement processes by providing a set of indicators to assess adherence to the agency’s procurement rules and regulations”. Nice reading.

Collaborating with Finance

As Procurement fellow, another hint about collaborating closely with Finance and ensuring a true and measurable record of purchasing achievements. P&L analysis will give a great insight in where Procurement can contribute financially speaking among other things. It’s particularly relevant in very competitive environment but also to be part of the gate-keeping area in terms of spend management. Before all, we are all accountable for the money of the company.