Thinking out of the box by Vincent Gilli

In July 2009, a (very small) team under the sponsorship of Gérard Detourbet (Head of Logan program) consisting of Oskar Dauner (Engineering / co-project Leader), Marie-Laure Piednoir (Engineering), Jean- Marc Deroche (Logan program) and myself (Procurement / co-project Leader) (and a partner supplier – LG Francis (SK) Kim) presented the ULC project in EVP committee and revolutionized the multimedia in-car approach at Renault by applying the “Apple concept” of the user-friendly interface from a Design-to-cost standpoint. For an unbeatable cost, we carried out a scalable system with the first ever 7-inches touchscreen display in all car model ranges with a huge business impact. Innovation begins with “thinking out of the box” and breaking some rules.

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